meander | Vancouver coffee shop adventures

I believe that the best travel adventures are discovered on a whim, without a plan. Albeit, so are the worst travel disasters, but I still take my chances. And so, when a friend of mine shared with me an approach that she often takes to travelling that involves handing over the reins to a complete stranger, I was all ears.

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carly | on taking risks and chasing dreams

Carly's story proves to anyone who has a dream they fear is impossible or foolish that with resilience, dedication and surrender, anything is possible. It demonstrates that we are not alone in the challenges we face and that those things need not hold us back. 

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endure | trudging along the path to freedom

Maybe it’s not actually about that thing we’re after, but the process we’re committed to in attaining it. Those things we desire give us the motivation to forge ahead through discomfort, towards the happiness that has existed within us all along.

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struggle | breakdown to breakthrough in Montreal

Allow yourself to feel and accept every dark and stormy part of yourself as of equal value as the bright and charming. Fall madly in love with the person you are and make no apologies. Be true to yourself and your desires - you are making progress even when it feels like you're spinning in circles. 


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begin | discovering an on-purpose life

Get to know what lights you up, what sets you free. Be willing to accept and appreciate what is while getting creative with what could be. Don’t allow yourself to be paralyzed by choice or by constraints around what you believe is possible for your life. Take a step towards what feels good, without regard for what comes next.

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