leap | chasing a wild heart

My heart yearns to explore worlds unknown.

It wanders in search of that all-encompassing sensation I find nearly impossible to describe.

Not unlike falling in love, it happens in a moment that takes hold unexpectedly, bringing me to incredible heights until I’m floating in a state of childlike joy. The noise of everyday life slips away as each sensation magnifies. I hesitate to move, think or even breathe as this moment passes through, leaving me buzzing from head to toe, wondering what on earth just happened. Having tasted its sweetness, it leaves me with an insatiable yearning to discover it once more. 

Turning back from where I came, I’m left with one question: What am I living for?

That moment will pass and eventually fade until it becomes more difficult to recall and easier to dismiss. I’ll make my way back to a comfortable and predictable way of living and begin to discredit the desires of my heart that lead me astray. As my logical mind takes over, my heart will become discouraged as its dreams are placed on a forever-receding horizon. But that flame will still linger, one day revealing a doorway, daring me to step through it. To escape reason, I’ll let my heart lead the way.

Le coeur veut ce qu'il veut ...

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