lifestyling guide + session

lifestyling guide + session


discover and activate your on-purpose life

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Lifestyling is about living a life that lights you up.

The lifestyling guide will take you through the exploration of your unique values, vision, and goals to arrive at the discovery of an on-purpose life. An on–purpose life is one that feels uniquely good to you.

Part I: Values - what matters most to you? 
Part II: Vision - what do you truly desire?
Part III: Goals - what are you committed to?

Completing the guide will allow you to replace feelings of uncertainty and lack of clarity, direction, or motivation with an inspired vision for the future and an exciting pathway to get there. You'll be ready to start living in a way that feels uniquely good to you and motivated to take action towards a vision that excites you. 

It can be difficult to make these changes on your own. That's why a 1-on-1 lifestyling session is included with your purchase. During the forty-five minute session, we'll chat about your values, vision and goals and create a personalized system to activate your on-purpose life.  

A sneak peek inside the 30-page guide

I have completed and re-completed this workbook two times, and every time I am left inspired. This workbook helps me to ensure that I am living aligned with my values and am accomplishing meaningful goals. While it can be intimidating to evaluate your life and challenge yourself to be your best self, it is worth it every time. I am now holding myself accountable to my goals and look towards myself for inspiration instead of constantly looking elsewhere. I highly recommend setting time aside and working on your values, vision, and goals.
— Ada Vaccaro, Vancouver BC